Hero Mom: Woman Uses Her Own Body to Shield Son From Vicious Dog Attack

Thanks to this brave mother, her 2-year-old son is alive and well.

A California mom performed an act of bravery that's being hailed across America as she shielded her little boy from a vicious attack by two dogs on the front porch of her home.

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In horrific video taken from her Anaheim home, Samantha Bishop can be seen sacrificing herself to save her son Grayson as the two are attacked by a pair of dogs.

The child was rushed to the hospital. He required cosmetic surgery on his face and also suffered cuts on his legs.

Grayson's father, Spenser, who was at work at the time, says he can't bring himself to watch the surveillance video of his wife and son being attacked because it is just too upsetting.

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"She screamed at the top of her lungs, she was trying to protect her little boy, I think she did a damn good job," he told Inside Edition. "As soon as I got to the doorstep and there was blood everywhere, I lost it. A firefighter had to pull me away and he cried too. He was very upset."

He added: "The thought of losing your family is horrible. It is really terrible." 

Samantha has cuts, bites and bruises all around her body as a result of the attack. 

Family attorney Richard Patterson told Inside Edition: "The mother has difficulties caring for the child because of her wounds, so we are getting in home health care. It is going to be a long, long healing process."

The dogs were taken into custody, one has been put down and officials say their owner could face criminal charges depending on the result of an investigation.  

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