Colorblind Student Brought to Tears as Art Teacher Helps Her See Color for First Time

"This is green? Is this what trees look like? They're all so pretty," said 17-year-old Stevie Kaczor, who was found to be colorblind when she was 12.

While most people will never know the overwhelming feeling of seeing color for the first time, this high school student conveys the emotion well.

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Stevie Kaczor, a colorblind student at Alexandria High School in Minnesota, was brought to tears after seeing the natural hues that she had never seen before.

"It's so pink," she could be heard screaming in a video shot by classmate, Sean Rice, as a green balloon was tossed in the air. "This is green? Is this what trees look like? They're all so pretty."

Her classmates watched in awe as she reveled in the colors around the classroom, then ventured outside to gaze at plants.

The 17-year-old told she was diagnosed as colorblind when she was 12.

"All the colors blended in together," Kaczor told

She had heard about EnChroma glasses that help with colorblindness, and planned to purchase a pair of her own after graduation, when she could get a job and pay for them herself.

But her art teacher had something else in mind.

"She's in AP studio art class," her teacher Nathan Knick said. "Not being able to see color puts a damper on it."

Without Kaczor knowing, Knick took up a collection with her classmates for money to purchase the glasses for her.

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The class wound up with $100, and a charitable program at the school donated the rest.

Kaczor was given the glasses during class and taken outside, where the results were astounding.

"I live in a community where everyone is caring," Kaczor said. "It made me feel really special and I wanted to help everyone else too."

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