Mom Investigated After Viral Video Shows Her 'Kicking Son Out' Over 'Voting' for Trump

She reportedly said it was a joke.

A Houston mom is now reportedly being investigated after a viral video, that she claims was a joke, sparked outrage.

In the video, the mom reportedly jokingly kicks her son out of the house because he ‘voted’ for Donald Trump in a mock election at his school.

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In the video, the mom ushers her son out of the front door with a suitcase and a sign that reads “My mom kicked me out the house because I voted for Donald Trump."

He then walks down the street with the sign, crying and clearly distraught.

The video was then posted to social media where it quickly took off, but many were not pleased and the mom is now being investigated, according to ABC13.

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ABC13 spoke with a detective about the video and he said it doesn’t show any wrong doing so no charges have been filed.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Detective Joe Luera told the station, “I have personally met with the family and saw the child, his well-being. He appears to be in good health."

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