In a Viral Video, Cute 4-Year-Olds Jumped in on the Mannequin Challenge Trend

The video is adorable.

These adorable four-year-olds tried their hand at the trending mannequin challenge and the results went viral.

The video, which has more than 5 million views on Facebook, shows the little kids in their best freezing positions inside of their New Jersey classroom.

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Be sure to disregard their slight movements in this cuteness overload.

“The kids did not know what they were trying to do based on other videos. I just remember seeing the challenge on Facebook,” Marlene Ayers, the CEO of One Step Ahead Learning Center, told

The adorable moment happened in the afternoon after most of the other kids had gone home and Ayers was visiting the class of youngsters.

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“We started-playing freeze tag and that made me remember the mannequin challenge. It took about four tries before I posted the one everyone saw,” said Mayers. “I did tell them I was videotaping them so they would have to freeze and they did the best they could, so funny.”

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