Aspiring Weatherman Allegedly Starts Forest Fire to Report About it on Facebook

He told police he enjoyed the attention he got.

An aspiring weatherman in Kentucky was arrested after admitting to intentionally setting a forest fire in hopes of pursuing his dream, police said.

Johnny Mullins, 21, reportedly wanted to bring attention to his Facebook videos where he reported on the fire, police said.

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He’s been charged with second-degree arson in connection with a blaze in Letcher County, according to police.  

Mullins posted selfie videos on Facebook that were recorded in front of various fires, police said.

In one of the videos viewable on Mullins' Facebook page, he tells viewers: “Be extremely careful if you're out there.”

He called his reports "Weather Outlook" segments, and he has nearly 5,000 views on a video he posted November 6.

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Mullins was charged earlier this week after he told police he started the fire "because he enjoyed the attention he got from the Facebook stuff,” police said.

"It's really too bad because he's not a bad kid — he's just misguided," said Jenkins Police Chief James Stephens. "He didn't realize how much danger he was putting other people in."

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