14-Year-Old Finds 6-Week-Old Infant in a Shoe Box on His Back Porch

The baby girl was wrapped in a blanket next to a bottle of formula.

Police are investigating a baby girl found in a Nike shoe box on a porch in New York, according to reports.

A 14-year-old boy, Franklin Ulloa, found the 6-week-old infant after hearing her cries outside his back door on Long Island Thursday night, police said.

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"I was watching TV and I heard crying," Ulloa told NYPost.com

After 10 minutes, the teen went outside and found the baby on his back patio.

The baby girl was reportedly wrapped in a blanket and dressed in a sweater and pink hat.

A bottle of formula was also reportedly next to her.

Victor Romero, who was also at the residence, told The Post that they wrapped the baby in the blanket and called 911.

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“When I gave the baby to my wife, I came out with a flashlight to look around,” Romero told the paper. “But I didn’t see anybody.”

The baby is reportedly in good health and Suffolk County Child Protective Services is taking care of the infant.

Police said they aren't releasing any further information at this time.

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