Mickey Rooney Granted A Temporary Restraining Order

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney claims he lives in fear of abuse from one of his own family members and has obtained a restraining order from the police. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Hollywood screen legend Mickey Rooney says he's a prisoner in his own home.

He's been granted a temporary restraining order against members of his own family.

According to court documents obtained by INSIDE EDITION, the 90-year-old star claims he is a victim of elder abuse and is being deprived of food and medication. The documents are signed by Rooney.

Rooney says his 52-year-old stepson, Chris Aber, threatens, intimidates, bullies and harasses him. Rooney also claims he's afraid of being kidnapped.

Rooney lives in a gated community near Los Angeles. His stepson lives a few minutes away. According to court documents Rooney claims he lives in fear of his stepson's daily visits.

Rooney is an Oscar® winner and is one of the last living legends of Hollywood's Golden Age. He starred in classic movies like Boys Town, National Velvet, Family Affair, Thouroughbreds Don't Cry and many more. He also appeared with legends such as Liz Taylor and Judy Garland.

Rooney's own son, Teddy, says there's no truth to the allegations. He also says that his father is suffering from dementia. Rooney's attorney says Rooney was examined by a geriatric psychologist and is completely mentally aware.

Aber is the son of Rooney's eighth wife, Jan. They both deny there is any abuse.

Despite his advanced age, Rooney is still a regular at movie premieres and prestigious red carpet events, including the 2010 Oscars®.

Three months ago he was reunited with Debbie Reynolds, Betty White, and other great stars for a Hollywood Reporter cover. During that time, there seemed to be no signs of the heartbreaking feud unfolding in his family.