Called Out: See What Happens After the Tables Are Turned on Catcallers

Some 43 percent of female runners have experienced some kind of harassment while jogging, according to a report.

Female runners often face catcalls from strangers during workouts, and some are turning the tables on those spewing comments as they pound the pavement.

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About 43 percent of women have experienced some kind of harassment while out for a run, according to Runner's World magazine.

Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero recently went to Venice Beach, California, and put a camera on the back of a bike and a camera on the front to follow fitness trainer Amber Wyrick as she ran around the area to demonstrate what she faces anytime she goes for a jog.

She told Inside Edition: “It's pretty hard to even run up the street without somebody beeping or shouting something. I get catcalls everywhere, every day of my life, especially when I run.”

One man made harassing comments about Wyrick as she ran by. "He yelled loud enough that other people could hear. It's embarrassing," she said.

Wyrick, along with Inside Edition cameras, went back to speak to the man.

The man claimed there was nothing wrong with his actions, saying: “Honey, it is funny if I see somebody running and jogging in make-up.”

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After that confrontation, Wyrick began running again when another man yelled “I love you, sweetheart!”

She and Inside Edition stopped this man as well for a discussion.

The man admitted to saying he “loved” the model and that she was “very beautiful” and felt it was appropriate to shout how he felt because “she is very beautiful and I do love her as a person." 

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