A Little of That Human Touch: Bikers Come to Bruce Springsteen's Aid After He Breaks Down on Highway

Dan Barkalow and his buddies lent a helping hand after the Boss' motorcycle broke down.

A group of bikers stopped to give a helping hand to a man with a broken-down motorcycle only to discover he was Bruce Springsteen.

The Boss’ ride gave out in Wall Township, New Jersey, near Allaire State Park over the weekend. Motorcyclists from the Freehold American Legion, who were returning from a Veteran’s Day celebration, pulled over to help, not knowing the man in need was New Jersey’s favorite son.

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Rider Dan Barkalow told Inside Edition that Springsteen was just a "down-to-earth" guy.

The group tried to get the rock star’s bike running again, but had no luck. There was something wrong with the battery, Barkalow said.

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So the group headed over to a local watering hole, where they swapped stories until Springsteen’s ride showed up.

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