Megyn Kelly Speaks Out About Donald Trump's Anger, Roger Ailes' Come Ons With Dr. Phil

"The Kelly File" host is telling all about her former boss and the president-elect.

Megyn Kelly has opened up about the sexual harassment she claims to have suffered at the hands of her former Fox News boss Roger Ailes to Dr. Phil.

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Kelly told Dr. Phil that the trouble began during her first year at Fox News when she had private meetings with Ailes.

“The problem with that meeting and with several that happened over the next six months was not only was there legitimate professional advice, but there were grossly inappropriate comments,” she said. “It grew more severe over time. He said he knew I must have some ‘very sexy bras’ and he’d like to see me in them.”

The Kelly File host says revealing the story is not just an effort to hype her new book, Settle For More.

“I’m not looking to be salacious, and trust me, this isn’t pleasant for me to discuss,” she says. “But I want people to understand this was real. He did do this, and I was far from the only one.”

Ailes, who has vehemently denied the accusations, was ousted from Fox News in July.

Kelly also told Dr. Phil how she became the target of Donald Trump's ire in the days leading up to that now famous Republican debate in August 2015.

“Once he announced his candidacy for president, one of the stories that broke about him was that in his divorce proceeding from his first wife Ivana, she had, under oath, accused him of raping her and she later recanted that testimony. But the news broke that under oath she accused him of it and basically people were just running with it,” she said.

She says Trump was furious that she had invited a reporter on her show to talk about the story.

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“He wasn't happy that I put the reporter on the show and four days before the presidential debate — that is now become so well-known and well-seen — he called me up and threatened me and made very clear to me that he was extremely displeased,” she added.

Kelly's interview with Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. 

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