Little Ben Seaver of 'Growing Pains' Is All Grown Up, and You Won't Believe His Job

Jeremy Miller is all grown up, and has left Hollywood behind.

Jeremy Miller played a member of the Seaver family member, Ben, on the hit series Growing Pains.

Miller left Hollywood behind, but not Los Angeles, where he's a chef in the city. He works alongside world-renowned Chef Hannah An at her restaurant District.

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Growing Pains, best known as Leonardo DiCaprio's big break, also made stars out of Tracey Gold and Kirk Cameron.

Miller says he has fond memories of the show, especially Cameron.

“Kirk and I were terrors on the set,” he said. “We used to just prank everybody.”

The show ended after seven seasons, and Miller would later struggle with alcoholism.

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But he is now sober, and has a new lease on life after discovering the culinary arts.

“You get me behind the stove, I’m just at perfect peace there too,” he told Inside Edition.

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