Steve Jobs Attends Dinner With President Obama

Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared at a summit with other tech gurus and President Obama, but no photos show his face, leading to further speculation about his health. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The mystery of Steve Jobs's health deepened Friday when a photo was released from his dinner with President Obama and other Silicon Valley big shots.

In the picture Jobs is shown only from the back, which gives little clue as to the accuracy of a report in the National Enquirer. The reports says he has become painfully thin and only has only six weeks to live, due to pancreatic cancer.

Cris Valerio, a Bloomberg TV reporter, says, "We only see the back of his head. It's the only picture they're actually giving us. Look, the bottom line is, Apple's a very private company, Steve Jobs is a very private person. Obviously the White House is trying to respect that."

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was also present at the dinner and he sat to the right of the President.

The White House also released a photo of Zuckerberg chatting with Obama. There were no photos that were issued of any one-on-one between Jobs and Obama.

Jobs's attendance at the dinner is seen as significant.

"I think that it will give investors a little bit of confidence. He's well enough to go dinner," says Valerio.