Second Grade Students Start Morning With Classroom Adaptation of 'Juju on That Beat'

Heather Finch, a second grade teacher, joked that while the students already knew the dance, "I practiced multiple times in my kitchen."

There's nothing better than starting a morning off with a song and a dance — just ask these second graders at a Tennessee elementary school.

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Heather Finch, a teacher at the St. John Elementary School in Memphis, noticed her students newfound craze for the "Juju on That Beat" dance.

Instead of forbidding the distraction in her classroom, Finch, 24, decided to embrace it, changing the lyrics by Zay Hilfigerr and Zayion McCall to those that encourage learning and getting along with other students.

Combined with the dance, it was a hit.

"They have loved it," she told "It's starting our morning out on such a good note."

Finch explained that every morning, when students get to class, they quietly read at their desks until their classmates arrive. Then, she leads the class in the dance and song.

"Instead of starting right into academics, they get to take a minute or two break," she said. "School's not all about academics. It's about treating each other with kindness and building each other up."

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Finch joked that while the students already knew the dance, "I practiced multiple times in my kitchen." When she taught her class of 21 the words, they were able to pick it up right away.

The St. John Elementary school is one of nine Jubilee Catholic Schools located in inner city Memphis.

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