Father Who Speaks With A Stutter Gets Through Bedtime Story With Help From His Daughter

"I told her I was sorry she had a daddy that stuttered. She said she didn't care, and that's okay," said Lance Lambert, 29.

Like most bedtime stories, the tale of a Texas girl and her father, who struggles with a stutter, has a happy ending.

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For his entire life, Lance Lambert of Watauga has been self-conscious about his stammer.

"Sometimes I can get by and not stutter," Lambert, 29, told InsideEdition.com. "Sometimes it's awful and I can't say anything. Answering my phone becomes a difficult task, or having to give my credit card information is hard." 

But, reading bedtime stories to his 6-year-old daughter was never a question.

In a video licensed by Caters News, Lambert can be seen reading to little Avery, who fills in the blanks where her father stutters, or interrupts with a kiss on his head where he can't seem to get the word out.

"I told her I was sorry she had a daddy that stuttered," Lambert said. "She said she didn't care, and that's okay."

The veteran, who served two terms in Iraq, explained that during his time in the Army, "people have always been pretty supportive of me, and no one really made fun of me too much," but it was when he returned to college recently that he found himself once again struggling.

During a public speaking class, he said he was frustrated he couldn't even get through a speech without stammering. His classmate reassured him that he was speaking fine, to which Lambert responded: "I can't even read my daughter a bedtime story without stuttering."

That's when he realized reading a bedtime story to his daughter would be the perfect opportunity to show his friends and family what he was going through.

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"She was having trouble in school, so we read," he said, joking that helping her with her class work is sometimes difficult when he tries to spell out a word that doesn't come out the way it should.

"We do have fun, and have a good time," Lambert said.

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