5 Teens Allegedly Stabbed by Straight-A High School Student, Who Then Stabbed Himself

He was reportedly home-schooled before this school year.

A straight-A student allegedly stabbed five other students and himself in a locker room at a Utah high school Tuesday, police said.

The 16-year-old was reportedly in a locker room among other teens at Mountain View High School, just prior to gym class at about 8 a.m., when the attack began.

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Five students were stabbed before the alleged attacker turned the three-inch blade on himself, police said.

Staff members approached the sophomore student and boxed him into a small area until a school resource police officer arrived on the scene, according to reports.

Orem Police Chief Gary Giles said the officer Tased the student before taking him into custody.

The teen reportedly stabbed his victims in the upper neck and torso area.

All five victims were transported to the hospital with injuries ranging from critical to fair, according to reports. The teen was also hospitalized.

The school was placed on lockdown for up to an hour after the incident.

Police said they are not sure what led to the attack.

“I personally still haven’t heard anything about an initial fight or anything like that. So at this point we are still trying to sort through the witness statements,” said Giles.

Students seemed traumatized in interviews after the ordeal.

“I saw three kids running towards the office with a bunch of blood,” student Karen Martinez told AP News. “It was awful honestly. It was so terrifying. I didn't know any of the kids but still it was like an awful feeling to see all those kids getting hurt.'

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District Spokeswoman Kimberly Bird said the student had been home-schooled prior to the present school year and had no disciplinary record.

Counselors and social workers were made available at the school to speak with students.

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