Little House Off the Strip: Meet the Couple Sharing Their Tiny Home With 2 Boys and Dog

"We actually have a lot more room than you think," Weston and Sarah say.

A phenomenon that is sweeping the country sees people trading in their spacious residences for tiny homes.

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One couple, Weston and Sarah, live in a small house just off the Las Vegas strip. 

They recently gave Inside Edition a tour, beginning with their upstairs bedroom that has “a lot more room than you think." Downstairs is the room where their two boys sleep. They also have a dog.

"You have to take turns getting dressed," Weston said. "You have the space that's just right here. You have to move your elbows around so you have to do it one at a time."

Sarah added: "In some ways our house is tiny, but our living room is huge."

Said living room is actually a community space located outside their door. It's where their neighbors and friends who also live in tiny homes meet almost daily for meals and conversation.

City dwellers are also getting into the super-tiny space craze.

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Inside Edition toured the recently completed 55-unit Mount Carmel Place in New York City, where 300-square-foot units rent for 3,100-a-month. Almost everything in the apartment is hidden away, leaving space for tenants to move around.

It was designed by Monadnock Developments and designed by nArchitects.

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