Police Throw Birthday Party for Girls They Found in Abandoned Building

Cops in Illinois went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a happy ending for three little girls found fending for themselves.

Chicago cops have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a happy ending for three little girls found fending for themselves, throwing them a birthday party after they were safely placed with a relative, authorities said.

Officers with the Chicago Police Department responding to a call of a child left alone found three sisters, ages 7, 2 and 1, on their own in a house on November 13, officials said.

After being evaluated by medical personnel, the Department of Children and Family Services placed the girls with their grandmother, who had recently come on hard times, police said.

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“The grandmother, although very willing to take the girls, has limited resources due to recently losing her job,” cops said in a statement.

But second watch officers of the 7th District were more than willing to step up and lend a hand, providing what the girls lacked and then some, authorities said.

“All week long, officers have been stopping by the house with clothes, food, toys, diapers, and even furniture so the girls will have a place to sleep,” the Chicago Police Department said.

All items given to the girls were either bought or donated by the police themselves, who also contributed to supermarket gift cards for the family.

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After officers learned two of the girls shared a birthday this past week, they decided to once again make sure the children had what they deserved.

Police pulled out all the stops and threw the children with an impromptu birthday party, surprising them with presents, cake and ice cream, officials said.

“These officers have shown compassion and generosity that is rarely captured,” authorities said. “They make us proud to be CPD!”

Those interested in helping the family can contact the 7th District CAPS office by clicking here.

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