Bride Invites Firefighters to Take Hilarious Photo After Wedding Was Evacuated: 'We Just Roll With It'

Instead of panicking, Allison Russoniello said, "what [else] am I going to do? Sit in a corner and cry? I'll ruin my make up."

Nothing was going to ruin this New Jersey bride's wedding, even when the reception looked like it may go up in flames.

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On Allison Russoniello's wedding day last weekend, she was determined not to let anything get her down.

"We're always stuck in these sticky situations," she told, "but we just roll with it." 

After six years with Kevin Duffy, 27, the pair were celebrating their wedding reception at Bonnet Island Estate in Manahawkin when suddenly, the kitchen staff began evacuating all the guests.

"They realized there was a smell coming from something," said photographer Drew Noel. "It just smelled like a burning smell, but the fire alarms weren't going off."

While a typical bride might panic, Russoniello said, "We figured we would make lemonade out of lemons when we can. What am I going to do? Sit in a corner and cry? I'll ruin my make up."

So, as the wedding party stood outside and watched more and more firefighters file into the venue, Russoniello grabbed her photographer and her groom, and snuck onto the fire truck.

"There was one moment of a little bit of panic," she told "We were in the fire truck taking pictures and the radio was buzzing. It said, 'All units please report to Bonnet Island.'"

But, minutes later, the firefighters determined the source of the smell was a faulty fridge, and began exiting the building.

In an attempt to thank them for saving her wedding, she started grabbing the firefighters and asked, "Can you please come back inside?" 

That's when they picked her up, and took advantage of the photo opportunity.

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To suit the theme, the DJ started playing Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," and Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning." 

And, as if their night hadn't been hectic enough, Russoniello told as her new groom was carrying her over the threshold of their home that night, they discovered their basement had flooded with five inches of water.

"We had to laugh it off," Russoniello said.

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