Volunteers Stay at a Shelter For a Night To Understand The Lives Of Homeless Dogs

A Shelter in Massachusetts puts people in kennels every year so they can experience the life of homeless dogs in a shelter.

A shelter in Massachusetts held humans behind bars for a good cause.

Cape Ann Animal Aid's second annual "Night Without a Family" event invited volunteers to stay at its no-kill shelter for a day and night in a bid to understand what dogs without forever homes experience.

More than 50 community members gathered at the shelter in Gloucester to watch as five volunteers and one staff member took part in the challenge between 8 a.m. last Friday and the following morning.

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Throughout the day, the volunteers' activities mirrored those of shelter dogs. They joined the pups on their morning walk and games, and even took part in a training class.

The volunteers played with snack canisters, which rewarded them with Cheetos and other food. After bedtime stories, the lights were switched off.

For the participants, it was an interesting insight into the lives of shelter dogs.

"I usually sleep with the TV on and for me to not hear anything, I felt so lonely," one of the volunteers, Christina Lewis, told InsideEdition.com. "I didn't have the comforts of home."

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After a long day at the shelter, the participants said goodbye to their canine roommates. The event surpassed the shelter's $2,000 goal, raising nearly $3,000, and more than a dozen of the dogs found new homes.

For more information about the dogs that didn't find homes, visit Cape Ann Animal Aid.

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