Happy Birthday to Everyone! Woman Delivers Rare Quintuplets on Her Birthday

With the birth of quintuplets, six people in one family have the same birthday.

Six people in the Schaftlein family now have the same birthday.

A Kentucky woman has delivered a rare set of quintuplets, on the same day and month that she came into the world. They arrived just minutes before the stroke of midnight.

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Katie and Lucas Schaftlein are the proud parents of four girls and one boy – Savannah, Sadie, Scarlett, Sofia and Lucas.

“We’re overjoyed,’” the mom said Thursday during a press conference at Lexington’s University of Kentucky HealthCare Center, where the infants remain in the neonatal intensive care unit. They are expected to go home in six weeks.

They were born on Nov. 11, just as Lucas was landing in Tokyo on a business trip. Katie had shown  no signs of going into labor before he left on his long, overseas flight.

“We’ve never been happier,” Katie said. “Anything could’ve gone wrong, but they’re so stable and so healthy.”

The babies were conceived through fertility treatments and are the couple’s only children.

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They were born at 29 weeks and are all healthy. Scarlett is the biggest at 2.4 pounds. Sadie is the smallest at 1.96 pounds.

“They have the same personalities as they did in my belly,” Katie said.

Sadie “would move all the time, and that's exactly how she is right now, she moves all the time, she cannot sit still."

The mother said she hasn’t decided how she will tell the four girls apart once they all get home. “Maybe fingernail polish,” she said. Lucas, of course, is easy to identify among his four siblings.

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