Colleagues Surprise High School Secretary With $1 Million After She Thought She'd Lost the Lottery

A Colorado high school secretary just became $1 million dollars richer by a second chance.

A high school secretary thought she was going in for a typical work day, but ending up receiving the biggest surprise of her life: a check for $1 million.

Harasi Muruganantham was the winner of a second-chance Colorado Lottery drawing she entered back in May 2015.

“People usually forget about the tickets they submit for second-chance drawings,” Colorado Lottery Media Specialist, Kelly Tabor, told “It becomes out of sight, out of mind.”

However, on Tuesday, Harasi's ticket number was picked at random from the 3,000 tickets that had been submitted.

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The lottery ecided to surprise the deserving mother of two and contacted some of her colleagues from Mead High School in Longmont, Colorado.

Harasi’s co-workers and the crew hatched a plan to surprise her in the faculty break room.

The crew snuck into the break room with a huge check, with Harasi’s name and $1 million written on the front, along with a few green and blue balloons.

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Her colleagues were clapping and cheering for her as she slowly walked inside the break room.

“She was so confused when she walked in,” said Tabor. “When we asked her why she thought we were all in the room she said she thought it was for a tornado drill.”

The secretary was so shocked, she started to cry tears of joy.

According to Tabor, Harasi plans on sharing the winnings with her two daughters. She officially claimed her prize on Friday.

“That’s the best part of our job…to make people happy,” said Tabor.

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