Seeing Double: Can You Tell These Celebrity Doppelgangers Apart?

Isla Fisher and Amy Adams are so similar, even their own families can't tell them apart.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars look so alike that they could pass for siblings.

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Actress Isla Fisher, who is married to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, told the Today show she regularly gets confused for another actress, Amy Adams.

They look so alike that even her friends and family couldn't tell the difference when she switched their faces for a family holiday card.

“I cut and pasted Amy Adams' face over mine. So it was Sacha, Amy and the kids and then we said, 'Season's Greetings From Sacha & Isla' and no one noticed,” she said Thursday.

They aren't the only celebrity doppelgangers out there.

Zooey Deschanel resembles Katy Perry and Daniel Radcliffe could pass for Elijah Wood.

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Bryce Dallas Howard got so tired of people confusing her for Jessica Chastain that she made a hilarious video.

The two even joked about it on Twitter.

True story. #BryceDallasHoward is in #JurassicWorld

— Jessica Chastain (@jes_chastain) May 31, 2015

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