Missing 7-Day-Old Baby Believed to Be In Danger After Her Mom Was Found Shot Dead

Sofia Victoria Gonzalez Abarca is just days old.

A desperate search is on for a week-old baby girl who was discovered missing when her young mother was found murdered in their Kansas home.

According to Wichita PD, the mother was located by her boyfriend when he returned home from work Thursday.

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He immediately called 911 and informed officers that their 6-day-old daughter was also missing from the residence.

The little girl, Sofia Victoria Gonzalez Abarca, was nowhere to be seen and is now "considered missing and endangered."

The girl's father is not a suspect in the murder. During the evening and early morning hours, Wichita Police Department detectives interviewed numerous family members, friends and co-workers.

Police on Thursday sent out an alert saying the driver of a purple Cadillac was a person of interest in the case, however he has since been found and questioned and is not a suspect.

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On Friday, the FBI sent a special child abduction investigation team to assist with the investigation. A response team specializing in child abductions has been brought in to assist the Wichita Police Department with the investigation.

"Our main concern right now is to locate and safely return, 7-day-old Sophia Gonzales to her family. Sophia is missing and believed to be endangered and as with any newborn, an infant needs medical care and attention," Wichita PD said in a statement.

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