Man Drops Engagement Ring Down Sewer During Proposal

A Colorado man thought he saw his wedding hopes disappear down the drain when he dropped the engagement ring into the sewer during the proposal. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

"I am so embarrassed right now, it's not even funny," said John Iverson.

The Colorado man saw his dreams go down the drain when he dropped the engagement ring down the sewer as he proposed to his girlfriend Kaitlyn.

"I don't even have the words to describe…" he said.

How about "butterfingers?"

Heroic Denver firefighters volunteered to go through the muck in the sewer to search for the ring.

And after 45 minutes of searching, victory!

"There it is, we found it!" said an incredulous fireman.

"Wow. Think I could have planned a better proposal?" asked Iverson.

"It's not quite as sparkly right now, but John promises it will be!" joked a firefighter.

"I'll clean it first," Iverson told Kaitlyn.

It wasn't your standard wedding proposal, but in the end, he won the girl's heart...despite a detour through the sewer!