Deployed Navy Dad Finds Clever Way To Attend Son's 'Lunch With Dad' Day

A dedicated and deployed navy sailor was determined to spend some quality time with his son.

Six-year-old Joey Flores felt a bit left out when his father, who's deployed overseas with the Navy, was unable to attend his school’s annual “Lunch with Dad” day.

But little did he know, he wasn't going to miss out.

Chief Pablo Flores, a meteorologist and oceanographer, was deployed just months after the family moved into their new home in Corpus Christi, Texas. He had been gone for two months, but to little Joey, it felt like forever.

“He’s been very emotional since his dad left,” Margaret Flores, Joey’s mom, told  

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Mrs. Flores considered other male figures in her son’s life, such as his grandfather or uncle, to attend the luncheon but what he really needed was his father.

So she decided that FaceTime would be the best idea for the two spend some much needed father-son quality time.

“I told my husband to stay up due to the different time zones,” said Flores. “I didn’t want Joseph to feel alone or left out.”

As the day arrived, Joey couldn’t contain his excitement. According to Mrs. Flores, he asked repeatedly why his mother had arrived to his school.

Once she connected the FaceTime, Joey was completely shocked, a smile never leaving his face.

His older sister, Clarisse Flores, took photos and videos of the luncheon.

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“During the call, he was ecstatic; he kept showing all of his friends and making silly faces with his dad,” Flores said.

Mrs. Flores said due to the loud noise through the cafeteria, Joey was unable to hear what his dad was saying.

“It was as if the two were in a muted conversation just like old black and white movies but it was such a cute interaction,” said Flores.

When it was time to end the call, little Joey was said to say goodbye. “Joseph misses him so much; it’s been tough on him,” said Flores.

The adorable pair truly shows there is no greater love than that of a father for his son.

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