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Makeup Artist Giving Free Makeovers to Cancer Patients: 'It Lifts Their Spirits'

Makeup artist Norman Freeman hopes to travel the country to give makeovers to cancer patients in need of a confidence boost.

When makeup artist Norman Freeman gives makeovers to cancer patients, it's not only their appearances that transform before his eyes.

“I feel like it uplifts their spirits," he told "You can tell right away it was a confidence booster."

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The 22-year-old makeup artist from Pittsburgh is hoping to travel across the U.S. to give free makeovers to cancer patients who have lost their hair following chemotherapy treatments.

The low self-esteem that often comes from hair loss is a problem he understands all too well; Norman has an autoimmune disorder called alopecia, which causes sudden hair loss.

Norman said his confidence was shattered as a child when bullies taunted him over his appearance. But after discovering makeup, his self-esteem grew.

One day, he gave his cancer-stricken aunt a makeover and saw the positive affect his skills could have on other people, too.

"It made me feel like I should do something about that because I understood what it’s like not having hair, not having eyebrows... you don’t feel pretty," he said.

Norman started giving out free makeovers to cancer patients in his neighborhood.

But he's not stopping at his local town. He's now touring the East Coast to bring his skills to other patients, and has already visited New York City.

Now his goal is to visit as many cities as possible to help inspire other cancer patients to feel more confident.

“It feeds my soul knowing I am making a difference with these beautiful people,” Norman said.

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To support Norman’s tour, visit his GoFundMe page here. You can see his work on his Instagram page here.

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