23 High School Students Hospitalized After School Bus Flips Over on Highway

Only three students were critically injured, according to reports.

Almost two dozen students were hospitalized after a school bus flipped over on a Nashville interstate on Friday morning.

Twenty three Chester County Beta Club high school students were on their way to a convention when one of the bus drivers lost control and the bus struck a guardrail and overturned, leaving three students critically injured.

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"When we first got here, it was seven injured, then 10 injured and the number just kept going up," Brian Haas, spokesman for Nashville Fire Department told the Tennessean.

One student suffered a broken collarbone; while two other had serious injuries to their arms, according to authorities.

School officials said Friday evening that most of the students had returned to Chester County and the injured students were with their parents.

Haas told the paper many firefighters and police who respond to crashes around the metro area have kids, and scenes like Friday's are especially alarming.

"It's every parent's worst nightmare," Haas said. "When you've got a school bus possibly full of kids ... we kick into another level of response time.

Kilzer said the school system was glad the crash wasn't worse.

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“We are very blessed that the Lord has taken care of us and provided the protection we needed," Kilzer said.

The driver, Christina Mathis, 28, of Henderson, who was not hurt, reportedly told officers at the scene that she felt steering issues with the bus and wind blowing it.

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