Shelter Dog Helps Rescue Cat Stuck in Sewer: 'Leopard Is a Hero'

The dog alerted her walker that there was a cat stuck in the sewer.

A shelter dog, who is recovering from a cancerous tumor, saved a cat’s life on one of her walks with a volunteer.

Leopard, a 6-year-old Shar-Pei, was out on a morning walk last week when she pulled the volunteer over to a sewer grate and laid down. She wouldn’t move.

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“Upon closer inspection the volunteer noticed a young grey cat stuck in the sewer,” said Mindy Naticchioni, an administrator at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio.

Volunteers were able to rescue the cat and although slightly dehydrated and hungry, the cat was healthy.

The cat is now staying at the shelter too, Naticchioni said.

“Had Leopard not alerted us that something was going ok with the sewer, we may not have known the cat was even in there. Leopard is a hero,” Naticchioni told

Sadly, Leopard hasn’t been able to find a hero of her own.

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She’s been at the shelter since May and they’re hoping that a family will now see how special the dog is.

Because Leopard has special needs, it’s harder to find a family that is willing to take her.

“She certainly deserves it,” Naticchioni said.

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