2 3rd Graders Disappear During Recess, Found Safe at Nearby McDonald's

The students were found safe at a McDonald's location more than a mile away.
The students were found safe at a McDonald's location more than a mile away. (Getty)

What an unfortunate remake of the movie “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.”

A North Carolina community was sent into a frantic search last week for two disappeared third grade students, who apparently left their elementary school campus to walk to a nearby McDonald’s.

The students at Holly Grove Elementary School in Wake County were located by police about 1 1/2 miles away after a parent had spotted them in the fast food joint.

“Once they maintained custody of those children and confirmed we had exactly who we thought we had, we were all able to take a sigh of relief at that point,” Sgt Tom Brienzi of the Holly Springs Police Department told WTVD.

It all started during the school’s 2:50 pm recess, when school officials said they wandered off. When the rest of the students lined up to go back to class, teachers noticed they were missing two students.

A search of the campus was conducted, authorities from the Holly Springs Police Department were notified and the parents of the two students were contacted.

While they were returned safely, the school’s principal Sarah Simmons said the students will face appropriate discipline to make sure “they understand the severity of their actions,” she said in an email to parents.


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