5-Year-Old Has Wonder Woman Photo Shoot as She Removes Eye Patch She Wore for 2 Years

The 5-year-old had been wearing the patch for two years.
Jessie Arambul Photography

A 5-year-old girl took off the eye patch she had to wear for two years after damaging her eye. She celebrated the milestone with a Wonder Woman-themed photo shoot

Jessie Arambul, who lives in Pasco, Washington, said her daughter Aliyah hit her eye with an exercise resistance band when she was 3 years old and it caused a traumatic cataract.

For the past two years, after she underwent surgery, she’s had to wear an eye patch for four hours per day. 

Her mom said that although it was hard, she adjusted better than expected. 

“She did have her days she struggled and begged not to have to wear it,” Arambul told InsideEdition.com. “However for the most part she accepted she needed it to help her eye get better. She was very mature for a 3-year-old.”

When it was time to take the patch permanently, Arambul wanted to document it. Aliyah wanted a superhero costume to commemorate the moment and she chose Wonder Woman. 

“After 2646 hours of patching , 3 surgeries, and too many drops to count , our girl is finally done,” Arambul posted to her photography Facebook page. 


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