These Bulldogs Had the Cutest Maternity Photo Shoot

The dogs are new parents now.
Cristal Malek Photography

Talk about puppy love!

A doggy mom- and dad-to-be had a maternity photo shoot, and the results were priceless. 

Crystal Canion, who lives in El Campo, Texas, said her French bulldogs Cozette, 2, and Boudreaux, 1, randomly bred together and she wanted to capture the pregnancy. 

The cute dogs posed in front of a “we’re pregnant” sign, and Cozette slayed in a shot with her tutu.

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Posted by Cristal Malek Photography on Monday, September 9, 2019

“The second the camera came out Boudreaux posed the entire time,” Canion told “He poses for all of his pictures, even when I take them at home.”

While Boudreaux knows how to turn on the camera magic, Cozette is the boss around the house of all four of Canion’s dogs.

“She keeps all these boys in line,” Canion said. 

The mom gave birth to three little pups last week and Canion said she is adjusting to motherhood

“She’s being a good mom. Although she’s not fond of getting up every two hours,” Canion added. 


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