Mom Who Loves Taco Bell Has Her Maternity Shoot There

Of course, she enjoyed a meal while she was there.

A Georgia mom loves Taco Bell so much that she decided to have her maternity shoot at the establishment.

Kristin Johnston, 33, said she thought the Mexican fast food franchise was a fitting choice for the photo shoot, considering how much time and money she spent at the restaurant due to her pregnancy cravings.

Johnston said her best friend, Kelly Daniels, shot the photos in December and they made sure to capture her eating some of her favorite menu items.

"I just thought it was most fitting," Johnston said. "Everyone thinks it's hilarious."

The mom said she visited the food chain at least once a week during her pregnancy, along with her husband, who loves the food too.

Johnston’s son Teddy was born on Jan. 5., and Teddy got his first introduction to the restaurant on their way home from the hospital when they stopped to eat.

“I am sure he’ll be a fan of Taco Bell if he’s half me and half my husband,” Johnston said.