Claw Enforcement: Cop Chases 3 Bears Outside California Taco Bell

3 Bears

The bears were not charged with any time.

There was no Goldilocks at this Northern California shopping center, but three bears were clearly looking for a snack as they were found outside a Taco Bell. 

A deputy with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office encountered the trio outside the Taco Bell in Tahoe City's Lighthouse Center shopping pavilion Monday night.  

In footage posted to the department’s Facebook page, an officer asks the bears, “What are you guys doing?” as they flee the scene and around the shopping center. 

“We love how they all gathered up and took off together! Here comes the cops, run!!” the department said in the post. 

As the bears fled, one of them spotted a trash can, slowed down and began sniffing as the other two continued running. After sniffing the can for a few seconds, the bear joined the rest of the pack and they continued to make their getaway. 

The bears were not charged with any crimes. 

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