Hungry Bears Break Into Pizzeria, Feast on Salami and Dough

"I don't know whether they're Italian bears or Portuguese bears, but these bears definitely had a feast on-the-go," said the pizzeria owner.

Three hungry bears broke into a Colorado pizza shop and feasted on dough, salami, olive oil and garlic.

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“I don’t know whether they’re Italian bears or Portuguese bears, but these bears definitely had a feast on-the-go,” said owner of Antonio’s Real New York Pizza, Antonio DeSousa. “They must have [eaten] upwards of 40 pounds of dough.”

DeSousa told he got a call one morning from an employee saying it looked like their restaurant had been robbed.

Minutes later, he said he discovered that “bears broke in and ransacked the place.”

They later reviewed security footage which showed the three bears – a mama bear and two cubs – broke in just after midnight in search of food.

“Mom stuck her nose underneath the cabinet and managed to pull out a ton of salami and just devoured it,” he said. “It was really clear they weren’t here just to wreck the place because they opened up drawers, pulled out dough and sat on the floor and ate it.”

DeSousa estimated the bears probably caused about $1,000 in damage.

“It wasn’t a tremendous hit,” he said. “But if it was a robbery, they could have stolen stuff or wrecked the place, anything. It could have been so much worse.”

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DeSousa speculated the bears broke into his restaurant because they were starving and hopes the wildlife officials will spare the trio from being euthanized.

“I’m an animal lover. The bears need help and we need to figure out how to help them,” he said. “We moved into the woods knowing full well they existed and the idea they should die because they’re starving is ridiculous.”

Colorado Parks & Wildlife has not said what will happen to the bears.

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