2 Florida Teachers Arrested for Shooting Homeowner After they Allegedly Entered Wrong Home

This occurred when Darius Cohen and Akkua Hallback mistakenly entered the wrong apartment, thinking it belonged to someone they knew.

Two Florida elementary school physical education teachers were arrested on charges stemming from allegedly entering the wrong apartment, which led to a shooting.

"Nothing good happens after midnight," Sheriff Eric Flowers from the Indian River County Sheriff's Department said.

"These two guys are going out, drinking at these bars. By 4:00 am, they're involved in a shooting. It just sends a message. Nothing good happens after midnight."

Indian River County Sheriff's Deputies say Darius Cohen and Akkua Hallback mistakenly entered the wrong apartment, thinking it belonged to someone they knew and had already seen that evening. 

"Except they went into the wrong apartment," Flowers added. "When they went into the wrong apartment, they went into a couple who have children in the home."

"Mr. Cohen went into the restroom, and Mr. Hallback got back into the bed that he thought was the young lady's bed, but it was actually the couple's bed."

Authorities say the adult male occupant walked the two teachers outside, and that's when Flowers said the incident escalated.

 "This is the combined story we've gotten from the three of these guys. When they get out into the parking lot, a scuffle ensues."

"At some point, somebody produces a gun. We don't know who produces the gun at this point. We don't know if it was either of the PE teachers or if it was the gentleman of the house."

According to the arrest affidavit, the apartment's occupant was shot but did not have life-threatening injuries.

Following searches of the teacher's homes, both were arrested.

Adderall, a prescription drug that is used to treat ADHD or narcolepsy, was reportedly found in Akkua Hallback's possessions, Flowers said. 

"So he was arrested on a drug charge, and Mr. Cohen was arrested on an attempted murder charge."

Darius Cohen and Akkua Hallback were first-year physical education teachers at two different elementary schools. 

"Given the fact that they were new members to our school district, new to our community, both on probationary status as a result of being new employees, I immediately exercised my authority to terminate them," Indian River County Schools Superintendent, David Moore, stated.

Authorities say neither man has a prior criminal record.

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