2 Indiana Teens Arrested in Alleged Plot to Recreate Columbine School Massacre: Police

2 teens have been arrested for allegedly plotting Columbine-like massacre.
John Schultz IV. Rochester Police Department

Two Indiana teenagers have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder in an alleged plot to recreate the Columbine school massacre, police said.

John Schutz IV, 18, and Donald Robin, 17, were arrested on July 31 and are being held without bond, according to online jail records.

The two are accused of plotting a Columbine-type massacre at a Rochester community school. In a press release, the Rochester Police Department announced, “At this time it is believed that any active threat toward the school, regarding these two individuals, has been eliminated.” 

Police began investigating the teens after a confidential informant came forward to say “Johnny Schultz IV and some friends are planning a school massacre … they have a bunch of guns and they are waiting for school to open to ‘kill a bunch of kids,''' according to a probable cause affidavit filed in connection with the case, local reports said. 

After obtaining search warrants for the teens' social media accounts, investigators say they found posts and messages between the two with photos of the Columbine school shooters and claims the two were going to shoot up a school after classes reopened.

The pair also allegedly had a suicide pact, police said.

Court documents say in a June 21 conversation between the two, Robin wrote, "I'm killing myself after I kill a bunch of people... and we're peacin' out when we kill a bunch of human scum."

Their cases are pending in Fulton County Circuit Court.


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