2 Members of Self-Described '7 Deadly Sins Club' Arrested in Killings of 7 People in Alabama: Cops

John Michael Legg, 19, and Frederic Allen Rogers, 22, who face capital murder charges, were part of a club called Seven Deadly Sins, cops say.

Two Alabama men arrested in Oregon are accused of killing seven people in their home state earlier this month, cops said. John Michael Legg, 19, and Frederic Allen Rogers, 22, who face capital murder charges, were part of a club called "Seven Deadly Sins," cops say.

The duo are accused of killing seven people earlier this month in Huntsville, Alabama following a dispute within the Seven Deadly Sins, investigators in Alabama said.

The two were arrested Sunday in a routine traffic stop in Marion County, Oregon “without incident,” police said. They are currently awaiting extradition hearings.

The suspects have not entered a plea and have not waived their extradition, which will result in further legal proceedings, Morgan County Sheriff Ron Puckett told Inside Edition Digital. It is unclear if they have retained council.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office worked with the FBI, and tracked the two suspects for several days, officials said. Authorities also knew the two had relatives in Oregon.

"We were watching the house that we believe they were in. Yesterday there was a traffic stop performed by the Sheriff's Department there in Marion County and they were taken into custody without incident," Puckett said during a press conference Monday.

"The Seven Deadly Sins Club" is “a moniker they gave themselves,” Puckett told Inside Edition Digital, adding it is believed to be based off an anime of the same name.

“Other than giving something to call themselves, it doesn’t seem to be more sinister and connected to a larger group,” he said.

The victims were found shot to death inside a home that had been set on fire, the sheriff’s office said. Puckett told Inside Edition Digital that one of the victims was a 17-year-old juvenile. 

Officials said the two men may have been trying to "end The Seven Deadly Sins Club." 

"We believe three of the victims were members of the club," Puckett said in the press conference.

Neither Legg nor Rogers had criminal records. 

"We needed the public to step forward," said Todd Bobe, FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Birmingham Field Office. "And those leads have generated the hard work of the agencies involved to help us get to where we're at today."