2 Virginia Officers Face Possible Termination for Posting Controversial TikTok Videos

The police chief reportedly said the various videos, featuring Officers Caleb Lafferty and Rondell White, violated the department's new social media policy.

Two Virginia police officers are facing termination for posting controversial videos to TikTok. 

Officers Caleb Lafferty and Rondell White are reportedly on administrative leave from the Crewe Police Department. They told local media they took down the videos after the former police chief asked them to. But they add that the new police chief told them the videos violated the department's new social media policy.

In one of the videos, Lafferty, who is white, is seen wearing a mask that looks like those worn by the Ku Klux Klan, while officer White, who is Black, points a gun at him.  Lafferty then pulls off the mask and yells at White for pointing a gun at him, and states that he was wearing the facial covering because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The two are then seen arguing over the use of the face covering.

The officers say the videos were meant to address issues of racism in a humorous way. 

They had the opportunity to plead their case to remain on the force to the town council, and residents showed up to support them. 

The council is reportedly holding another hearing for the officers in which they can have attorneys present. 

In a statement from Chief of Police Alfredo “AL” Ferrer, he said, "Since this is a personnel matter and the officers have been given the opportunity to seek counsel, we will not be discussing the matter publicly. The officers will be afforded due process regarding the matter."
If they lose their job, reports say the Town of Crewe, Virginia, will be left with just two police officers. 

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