Night of the Living Deer: Not-So-Dead Roadkill Doe Springs to Life in Man's Truck

A cop in Wisconsin was about to put the creature out of its misery when he sprung into the woods.

A Wisconsin man got a serious shock after picking up what he thought was roadkill deer from a road last week.

The Adams County Sheriff's Department said the 59-year-old driver struck a deer Thursday night, then loaded the lifeless creature into the back of his truck.

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Soon after, the department received a strange phone call.

"Caller states he hit a deer earlier and thought it was deceased. He states he put the deer into the back of his vehicle, but once he arrived home the deer was alive and kicking," the sheriff's office wrote in a Facebook post along with a photo of a scene eerily reminiscent of the 1995 Chris Farley comedy Tommy Boy.

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An officer soon arrived to the scene and dashcam footage recorded the cop and the caller as they pull the deer from the truck.

While lifeless at first, the men watch as once-motionless deer rallies and makes a run for it into some nearby woods.

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