Creator of Daredevil Ghost Rider Video Admits It Was Fake

A YouTube video appears to show a man performing a death-defying stunt, "ghost riding," on top of a vehicle speeding down the highway with no driver. INSIDE EDITION gets the real story behind the shocking video.

A video on YouTube shows a daredevil driver climb out of his car window and surf on the roof at 70 miles an hour and no one behind the wheel!

The stunt is called "ghost riding," and it drew outraged comments from viewers.

"This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen," wrote one.

"Get this guy off the streets!" said another.

INSIDE EDITION wanted to know if the video was real so we tracked down the guy who shot it.

His name is PJ Salzer, and he is a film student from Orlando, Florida.

Salzer admits his ghost riding video is a fake!

"Every person I show is like, 'Wow, that's crazy!' Everybody thinks it's real," he says.

Salzer got the idea from watching a YouTube video of a guy playing a guitar on the roof of a speeding car.

That one is fake too.

Salzer explains to INSIDE EDITION how filmed his friend Tim surfing on a parked car in his driveway.

Then, using high tech editing software, Salzer layered that image onto video of Tim driving down the highway.

"I showed my mom, [she was] one of the first people I showed and she almost took my head off right there, she wasn't too happy with it," Tim tells INSIDE EDITION.