Sand of the Free: Giant Sanitation Trucks Redeployed as NYC's New Line of Defense on Thanksgiving

The Department of Sanitation Trucks, filled with sand, will block side streets during the annual parade.

With ISIS calling the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade an "excellent target," officials have taken a unique measure to keep millions of spectators safe.

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Sanitation trucks filled with sand will be deployed as a line of defense during the parade.

A barrier of trucks filled with sand was lined bumper-to-bumper outside Trump Tower following the presidential election and will now be sent to the parade route.

Authorities are concerned about a repeat of the monstrous truck attack in Nice, France — where 86 pedestrians were mowed down and killed by an ISIS terrorist during Bastille Day celebrations in July.

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In New York, the trucks will block all side streets from Central Park down through the center of Manhattan and all the way to the finish in Herald Square.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller told CBS This Morning: “We've ordered up to 81 sand trucks. You can ram a sanitation truck with a lot of things, but you aren't going to move it.”

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