Astronauts Reveal How They Will Celebrate Thanksgiving, All the Way in Outer Space

Sliced turkey, candied yams and apricot cobbler are only some of the dishes served in space food-form on the International Space Station.

Celebrating a holiday while away from home is never easy, but these ex-pats are about to have the thanksgiving of a lifetime – high above Earth.

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American astronauts at the International Space Station will be treated to all the comforts of home this Thanksgiving, thanks to space food researchers at Texas A&M University, who have concocted a special menu of festive space foods.

“It’s going to be a bit different for us up here in space,” said NASA’s Shane Kimbrough aboard the International Space Station, as he held up a pouch of turkey that nearly floated away in zero gravity. “We’re going to work all day, and then we’ll have an evening big dinner full of most of the things you’re going to have at your table.”

Holiday foods that include sliced turkey, candied yams and apricot cobbler will be available to the astronauts, according to a statement.

"The meats are really great,” said Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, who became a professor at Texas A&M after enjoying their foods as a former astronaut. “This tastes just like Thanksgiving dinner."

"Of course, Thanksgiving in my world is not complete without some football," said Kimbrough, who explained his team is also looking forward to sharing their American traditions with French and Russian astronauts on the space station as well.

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Since 2007, Texas A&M has created more than 50 foods for astronauts to enjoy in space, the organization said.

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