Has Jim Moret's Medical Mystery Been Solved? Nurse Unravels Strange Affliction

A viewer tweeted at the Inside Edition reporter with a diagnosis for his ballooning waistline.

In September, Inside Edition’s Jim Moret went public with the news that he was living with a medical mystery. Doctors could not figure out why his waistline was ballooning.

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His ordeal began when unbearable stomach pains sent him to the hospital twice. After Moret’s story aired, he was inundated with viewer reaction on social media — including one from nurse D'Arcy Richardson.

She told Moret: "I have to tell you it was so great to see you with your big round belly. I was like, 'oh my God, Jim’s got Sibo.'"

Sibo is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth from which Richardson also suffers.

For the past nine years, Ashley Walkley has suffered from Sibo. She says she has trouble dating despite looking so thin.

“I was having moments of feeling normal then I would test positive again,” she said. “I had taken a basic antibiotic for a stomach and really had been told nothing and kind of left the doctor’s office feeling underwhelmed and thought that the answer was do yoga, relieve stress, stop working so much, eat a little healthier. And a friend said there is something not right.”

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Sibo specialist Dr. Mark Pimentel says many sufferers don't even know they have it.

“They struggle in silence,” he told Inside Edition.

An estimated 30 million people in the world have Sibo and after a series of tests, Moret became one of them. He was placed on antibiotics for treatment. However, his first round of treatment did not work and he is currently still seeking a remedy.

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