Mother Expecting a Daughter Gave Birth to Baby Boy - and Viral Photo Shows Her Shock

The little boy, named Theo, is doing just fine.

One California mother couldn’t believe her eyes when she gave birth to a newborn baby boy, simply because she thought she was having a girl.

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In July, Kim Guiley gave birth to her second child and quickly realized her new bundle of joy was not what she was expecting.

“I just looked between his legs and expected something different, I was in utter shock. I was shocked,” she told Inside Edition.

Kim and her husband, Travis, spent nine months preparing for a girl.

“We had girls names, we went round and round about girls names,” she said.

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The photo of her surprised face was taken moments after the delivery. She later posted it to Instagram.

“It was very genuine shock, I was really surprised,” she insisted.

The baby boy that they named Theo is doing just fine. She posts regular updates on Instagram. 

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