Happy Day for 'the Saddest Cat on the Internet': Frowning Feline Finds a Home, Just Before He's Euthanized

BenBen, who is known for his sad-looking face, was hours away from being euthanized until a couple finally came to his rescue.

BenBen may look miserable, but with his story comes a happy ending and a forever home.

The stray cat was brought to a shelter in Vancouver, where it was believed that he was attacked by a large animal after caretakers found him with deep wounds and six spinal fractures.

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When the distressed kitten was taken to a clinic for immediate medical attention, Sandy Windover was one of the full-time vets who works there and instantly fell in love with the sad-faced feline.

The adoration of the "saddest cat on the internet," was shared by her boyfriend, Adam Tutt, according to Global News.

Vets told the couple BenBen may never walk again due to his condition, and he was deemed "unadoptable” due to his medical needs, and was facing euthanization.

“He stopped eating. He stopped drinking. He stopped moving. He knew what was coming.” Tutt told InsideEdition.com.

That was when Tutt and Windover quickly agreed they wanted BenBen as their own, and they saved the furry guy, hours away from a grim fate.

“Even though it was said he'd never walk again, we believed he needed a chance to have a life.” said Tutt.

Now, the “saddest cat in the world” finally has something to smile about.

Throughout the first couple of weeks at their home, BenBen was striving and starting to walk again, but the feline had a long way to go.

“He couldn't use our litter box because he was too tall and he often fell over or sat right in his 'business.' So there was a fair bit of cleaning. We had to buy a smaller litter box even then we had to cut much of it away just so he could have easier access to it,” Tutt said. 

"He was on 4 different liquid meds (including morphine) all which had to be administering orally twice a day. He hated it. We had to constantly monitor him to make sure he was doing anything to injure himself.”

Although it was a bit difficult, BenBen pulled through and began to walk more than a few steps without falling or sitting down and eventually gained back his strength.

“It didn't take long before he realized that he was safe," Tutt said. "Then we were greeted with purrs, licks, and head bops. We believe he was saying thank you.”

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Today, BenBen is a much healthier cat and loves to sniff everything he encounters. BenBen is still comfortable with the name “world’s saddest cat” but he is clearly living the good life.

To follow BenBen's adventures, check out his Instagram page or make a donation to his GoFundMe page.

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