Girl, 10, Encourages Others to Do Good Deeds for Strangers After Helping Begging Mom and Son

"I noticed they needed some help," said 10-year-old Leah Nelson.

A small act of kindness went a long way when a 10-year-old girl decided to go out of her way to lend a helping hand to a mother and son in need.

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Leah Nelson, of California, spotted a mother and her son sitting on steps with a cardboard sign that read, "Shelters Full, Need Room, Please Help."

“I noticed they needed some help,” Leah told

Instead of continuing on with her day, she and her dad, Charles Nelson, handed them two meals from McDonald's, and $100 in cash, hoping their small gesture would improve their day.

Immediately, the woman broke down in tears. She could be seen in the video shot by Nelson covering her face, and thanking Leah for her generosity.

“The lady was very appreciative,” Leah’s father said.

They stopped to chat, and eventually, Nelson said, people started forming a crowd around the group. One onlooker offered prayers; another offered the woman and her five children a place to stay.

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According to Leah, the simple act of kindness was all in line with “BecuzIcare11,” a movement she started to encourage others to do good deeds for strangers.

Nelson told that it all started on one July day, when Leah told him she wanted to hand out Rainbow Loom bracelets to strangers. She would then encourage the recipient of each bracelet to do a random act of kindness, then pass the bracelet on to someone else with the same message.

“Leah comes up with a thousand ideas a week," Nelson said. "Our standard answer is, 'once we see you do it, we’ll follow suit.'" 

Sure enough, Leah began handing out her bracelets, starting with the town mayor and police chief. 

"The confidence in which she presented her idea – she had put the time, and energy understanding what she was going to say,” Nelson said, recalling the time his daughter handed out her first bracelet. “I was floored.”

Eventually, he encouraged Leah to put her message into a video for Facebook, and included instructions to watch the video in each of the bracelets.

They found their message was circulating around town. Soon, people across the country, and even across the world have reached out, requesting the bracelets.

Then, kids started making their own bracelets, including Leah’s original message of doing a good deed.

“As a parent, it’s such a proud thing to know your kid has inspired so many people,” Nelson said.

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For Leah and her family, one of those good deeds included hosting a go kart night, where attendees donated gift cards to victims of the recent flooding in Louisiana in exchange for time on the track.

“She really wants to encourage other kids to take action, and get involved in making the world a better place,” Nelson said.

Leah and BecuzICare11 have since started a GoFundMe page, where proceeds will go toward their holiday project of gifting families a complete Christmas experience.

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