Did Rihanna Snub Donald Trump?

Did Rihanna snub Donald Trump? The singer abruptly cancelled a performance arranged by Trump saying she had bronchitis, but seemed perfectly healthy when she performed at the NBA All-Star game the following day. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Rihanna belted out her songs at the NBA All-Star game halftime show, so why did she cancel a performance for none other than Donald Trump the day before, claiming to have bronchitis?

The singer was booked months ago to headline a cancer charity gala at Trump's Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-lago, the night before the game. Trump was going to pay Rihanna a reported $500,000 for just one hour of work. But at the last minute, she cancelled, saying she had no voice.

"Rihanna cancelling came up about noon on Saturday and this was six, seven hours before the start of this gala and some people had paid $200,000 for one table close to the stage," The Palm Beach Post's Jose Lambiet tells INSIDE EDITION.

Just 24 hours later, Rihanna was showing off her strong-as-ever vocals at the All-Star game in Los Angeles. And as she danced around on stage, she looked perfectly healthy.

Now Trump is slamming Rihanna: "I thought that (Rihanna bailing) was insulting to everyone. But for Rihanna to go to the (NBA) All-Star game and perform after she told us she was sick, that is just a lack of respect."

Jennifer Hudson filled in for Rihanna, prompting Trump to get in one last jab:

"(Jennifer) is an unbelievable talent, and her voice is better."