Goat Born Without Hooves Learns to Walk and Befriends Blind Goat: 'They're Inseparable'

"It was love at first sight," the sanctuary owner said.

Pocket, a 2-month-old baby goat, was born without hooves. 

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Leanne Lauricella, 43, told InsideEdition.com she brought Pocket into her New Jersey shelter, Goats of Anarchy, after a Virginia farm posted on Facebook that they needed someone to take care of the special-needs goat.

"He was only a day old when I saw him," Lauricella said. "The last 20 goats that I’ve taken in were all special needs, and a lot of my followers were telling me to help this baby."

To help him walk, the sanctuary created makeshift prosthetics using pool noodles, and hope to get him fitted for the real thing when he becomes about 3 months old.

In the meantime, Pocket has become fast friends with another goat at the sanctuary, Polly, who is blind and has neurological issues that require she be hand fed.

“It was love at first sight," Lauricella said, recalling the first night they were together. Polly was cold, and Pocket cuddled up next to her and the pair fell fast asleep.

The blind goat also came to the farm as a baby. Lauricella said Polly was so small that she could fit into her pocket. 

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The pair have helped each other thrive at the sanctuary. Pocket acts as Polly’s eyes, and Polly has a calming effect on Pocket.

“They’re inseparable,” Lauricella said.

Pocket and Polly are just two of 26 goats living at the rescue facility.

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