It Came From Outer Space: Fiery Meteor Rattles Florida Town as It Crashes to Earth

The phenomenon caused some people to call the police.

Concerned Florida citizens thought they were witnessing a real-life War of the Worlds as a high fireball lit up the night sky on Tuesday.

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The exploding object from space was captured on police dashcam.

Citizens from North Port, Venice and Tampa all called police after they saw the fire in the sky.

Scientists say it was a meteor entering the atmosphere at 40,000 miles per hour and is believed to have landed in the Gulf of Mexico before midnight.

Astronomer Mark Hammergren told Inside Edition that the meteor was “about the size of a car.”

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Compared to a 10-ton meteor that hit Russia in 2013, the one over Florida was small potatoes. Buildings shook, windows shattered and nearly 1,000 people were hurt during the event in Russia.

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