How to Stay Safe While Shopping This Holiday Season

With holiday shopping in full swing, how can you stay safe in a mall parking lot?

With the holiday shopping season about to kick off, a security expert is providing tips on how to stay safe in parking lots while heading back to your car.

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Security expert Steve Kardian told Inside Edition's Megan Alexander to walk out with other people and trust her instincts.

"Look, listen, and believe your intuition. If it doesn't feel right, go back into the store," Kardian said.

Potential danger can be minimized by avoiding shopping at certain times of day, he added.

"A majority of these types of crimes happen between 3 p.m. and midnight," he explained. "Two-thirds of all carjackings occur between that time. That is a high-risk time. Try not to be out during that time."

Kathleen Baty of told Inside Edition's Victoria Recano to be aware of her surroundings.

"Because we are so crazed and you go to the mall and not remember where you parked... take a picture of where you parked. Take a picture of Row C, Level 1, so you don't forget,” Beatty said.

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Baty also advised to search your car.

"You want to make sure that no one is hiding around or underneath it," she said. "Make sure you put all of your packages in your trunk. You do not want to leave them in the backseat of your car and it will avoid a smash and grab."

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